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Our Services
We believe in diplomacy and partnership

In SRC, our customers find a reliable, discreet partner who recognizes the true masterminds, involves them in the successful implementation of corporate goals, and provides direct access to the decision-makers in politics and business worldwide.

Our clients leverage our expertise to deliver in crisis situations, build a strategic network of relationships, partner with key political and business figures, enhance relationships with governments, regulators and stakeholders, and sustainably strengthen their international market position.
Ready to support you in the following areas:
Alliancing with external stakeholders

Difficulties in dealing with government agencies, organizations, media, analysts and communities are business risks and should be treated as such wherever and whenever possible. The success of strategically challenging projects requires diplomatic skills. It is particularly important for international activities to combine the different cultural, political and economic characteristics.

SRC, an expert in corporate diplomacy, advises and assists its clients in the realization of strategically important projects, taking into account the various interests and integrating them into finding solutions.

SRC creates customized strategies to strengthen and expand their clients' market position and sphere of influence.
Facilitating access and courier services

For governments, SRC smoothly and discreetly paves the way for all official communication channels.

As our client' representatives, we discretely position the interests of national and regional governments and authorities.

We plan and implement bilateral and multilateral cooperations, clarify requirements, prepare negotiations and organize meetings at ministerial and presidential levels.

SRC facilitates access to the key decision levels and supports the preparation of official meetings.  
Discrete Crisis Control

The events of the last few years have shown us that one can repeatedly get into unforeseen, complex situations that require careful action. In these delicate situations, a focused and, above all, discrete approach is crucial in order to ease the situation.

SRC works out the best possible approach with its customers, advises management on communication and holds discreet discussions with the key figures on site.

We support and accompany our clients until the situation has eased.
Corporate and diplomatic protocol

Diplomatic protocol is used when heads of state or ministers visit corporations or other private organizations. We combine the interdisciplinary areas of international diplomacy and corporate communication. Globally active commercial enterprises, but also NGOs, mandate us to ensure a flawless, diplomatic protocol.
Risk management in crisis areas

Business activities abroad always involve a risk, even more so in crisis areas. Political unrest, economic crises, natural disasters, and terrorism will affect not only the business activities but also the company and its employees.

In the spirit of in-depth crisis management, SRC offers its customers extensive risk assessments and hazard analyses. In addition to this, SRC offers valuable support in travel security in the travel management process, as well. Often also on site.

We work with security experts, military advisers, and former specialists of the intelligence domain.

We are here for you 24 hours a day. In addition to our strategic services, we support you in all questions of international affairs and strategy development. Even if you only have a single question, we will answer it for you. By arrangement, we support you at short notice online, by phone or via chat. For this service, we will charge per minute. Please feel free to contact us.
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