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(Risk-) Analysis
Our clients often hire us when they are already in challenging situations that they want to have solved as quickly as possible.

In cooperation with our clients, we analyze the process history and the actual situation. This very important process leads us to the solution, we develop the next steps together and implement the elaborated strategies.

Our approach is built on diplomatic principles. Our focus is always on solutions that include all parties involved and that lead to long-term cooperation.
Country Analysis
Political and economic factors influence activities in a country. Whether you want to settle in a country or are already there, the situation must be assessed as precisely as possible.
SRC offers its clients a detailed analysis of the challenges prevailing in the country. Our experts examine the current situation on site and create a comprehensive report that includes the current situation as well as possible future prospects that can be expected.
Together with our client, we develop strategies in order to be able to act in an environment that is as adapted and safe as possible.
Evaluation of Travel Risks
Traveling abroad may involve some risks.
SRC works with specialists who will accurately assess the situation and prepare our clients for the journey.
(In some cases, an external company associated with SRC can organize a protection.)
SRC is known for its sharp analysis of situations and as-is process analysis but also for correctly assessing developments and trends.

The excellent network in politics, science and business helps us to collect and understand information and to integrate it into the strategy. Through our network, we often have faster and deeper insights, for example in the international political or economic environment.
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