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Facilitating access
For Governments
For governments, SRC smoothly and discreetly paves the way for all official communication channels.

As our client' representatives, we discretely position the interests of national and regional governments and authorities.

We plan and implement bilateral and multilateral cooperations, clarify requirements, prepare negotiations and organize meetings at ministerial and presidential levels.

For business
We have an extraordinary network that we are happy to open up to our clients.

Strategically important projects often require the support of governments, NGOs, civil society or other organizations.

SRC advises, supports and accompanies its customers in setting up cooperation partnerships or strategic alliances with the target groups.

We always keep the focus on integrating the interests of everyone involved. This is how we ensure that long-term cooperation is guaranteed.
Courier Service
In some special cases, the safe and personal delivery of important documents is necessary.

In its role as the client's diplomat, SRC assumes this role. Details are gladly given in a personal conversation.
SRC facilitates access to the key decision levels and supports the preparation of official meetings.  
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