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About us
SRC Strategic Relations Counselling is an exclusive avisory firm, specialized in Corporate Diplomacy and fostering relations. We have access to a unique pool of experience. Former ministers, diplomats, top UN officials and business leaders actively support us.



Jean-Luc Meier
Founder and CEO SRC Strategic Relations Counselling

For more than twenty years now, he has positioned himself as an expert in corporate diplomacy. In this role, he advised ministers and other government officials, CEOs of multinationals, financial experts, analysts and top fund managers on international relations and strategic alliances with external stakeholders. He has also represented the interests of governments, organizations and companies and negotiated bilateral and multilateral cooperations for his clients.

He was also co-founder and co-managing partner of SES - Strategic Expansion Solutions, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and New York, USA. SES was founded in 2002 and is considered as the pioneer in corporate diplomacy.

Before becoming an independent entrepreneur, Jean-Luc Meier held various positions in the strategic area of ​​major banks in Switzerland and Germany.

One of his first consulting mandates was to set up the Contact Office of the Swiss Banks, where he actively participated in the strategic and logistical alignment. This office represented all banks based in Switzerland and dedicated itself to processing dormant accounts within Swiss Banks. Jean-Luc Meier has also assumed responsibilities in the communication with potential heirs, with organizations and with banks.

Another important step in his career was his appointment as "Corporate Ambassador", the official representative, of one of the largest economies in the world. Jean-Luc Meier has been entrusted with a plenipotentiary mandate and has been tasked with negotiating and concluding cooperation in the high-tech sector with governments and various organizations in Europe and Asia. The initiative was put in place by the California Department of Commerce, the US federal government's economic development agencies, and the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego economic regions. He has achieved various bilateral and multilateral co-operations with EU Commissions and European and Asian governments.

He is on the Board of TGSV TriGlobal Strategic Ventures (Moscow, New York), on the Advisory Board of Naldera Advisory Services (Berlin) and Bontrebo AG and other financial and high-tech companies.

In 2014, Jean-Luc Meier was elected to the "Board of Directors" of the "World Federation of United Nations Associations" WFUNA (Friends).

He is also active in local politics, where he serves as a local council in his home community.

Jean-Luc Meier speaks German, French, English, Spanish and has basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and Italian.

Strategic Partners

Nancy Prager-Kamel
Nancy Prager-Kamel, the company's exclusive alliance partner, was co-founder and co-Managing Partner of SES - Strategic Expansion Solutions. She has been appointed as Corporate Ambassador for the US Department of State in 2009 and as US National Commissioner for UNESCO in 2010.

Mrs. Prager-Kamel served as the CEO for multinational European Merchant Bank for which she created a registered Broker Dealer, a Public/Private Fund, multiple structured and alternative products; she advised and financed Venture Capital companies. Prior to this she was heading the Investment Banking business of US Securities and Trading, the largest Chinese owned global Broker Dealer in the USA.

Previously, as Managing Director she developed the Investment Banking Division for Bottom Line Financial Services and Wolfe Investment Group (the first woman owned Broker Dealer on Wall Street) where she advised on capital for public and private companies and served as a financial advisor for a joint venture with the largest Chinese pharmaceutical company.

She served on the steering committee for Tri State Ventures; a New York based Angel Investment Corp focusing on technology and healthcare. Mrs. Prager-Kamel sat on the Board of Directors of Select University Technology Inc., a holding group that develops University technologies into diverse technology companies, and was Chairman of the Board of four of their portfolio companies: Titan Folding Technologies Inc., Aqua Cool Inc., Mac Vision, and MTU Software Inc.

Mrs. Prager-Kamel has worked with Resource Recovery Associates Inc., one of the earliest companies to embrace environmental sustainable development, as Senior Vice-President, Business Development, with a seat on the management committee.

She was co-founder of Ark Development Group, a business development and financial Advisory Corporation, as well as the Boskoff-Prager Group, which brokered international global investment opportunities. She has also held the positions of Director - Business Development for a multinational Merchant Bank - Continental American Capital and Managing Director for Selby, an international industrial and marketing organization. She is experienced in financial services, global business expansion and strategic and structural development with business relationships in the European Union and the Middle East.

Nancy Prager-Kamel has been active in the UN advising Member States and entities on sustainable development and forming public-private partnerships. She has headed and served with many international NGOs and UN Agencies and was the UN Main Representative and member of the Board of Directors for Vital Voices Global Partnership. Concurrently she is on the Board of Governors for the Foreign Press Association focusing on the Scholarship Fund and the World Federation of United Nations Associations. She is Chairwoman of the Association and Club of the Foreign Correspondents Association in the United States.

Previously, Mrs. Prager-Kamel has been involved with the United Nations co-heading a Non-Government Organization, “World’s Children’s Day”, and in the capacity of board member, executive board member and vice-chairman for UNICEF (Metropolitan regional committee). Mrs. Prager-Kamel is/has been a director on several other boards including: Vital Voices Global Partnership, the Global Academy, Human Rights Watch (Tri-State Committee), Immigration & Refugee Services of America, the U.S. Committee for Refugees, Georgetown University, American Italian Cancer Foundation, Foreign Press Association etc. She is listed in “Who’s Who“,“ Who’s Who of Women in the World”, “Who’s Who of American Women”, “Distinguished Men and Women of the World”, “Who’s Who in the East”, “Who’s Who in the World”, “International Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women”, “Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century” and others.

Mrs. Prager-Kamel had an early career as a painter, exhibiting in Galleries and Museums worldwide. In this capacity she was a member of the Black Emergency Cultural Coalition, a group of multi-disciplined artists serving the New York Prison system. She also co-founded the first program for disabled children at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and co-produced shows for their Costume Institute.

Nancy Prager-Kamel received a BA from Cooper Union, and additional degrees from Accademia de Belle Arte, Florence, Italy; she did her graduate program in Political Science at Maxwell School - Syracuse University.

Mrs. Kamel has been awarded the Grande Prix Humanitaire de France.

Strategic alliance partners


TriGlobal Strategic Ventures TGSV

TriGlobal Strategic Ventures is an international business consulting company specializing in providing strategic advisory services to corporations and private clients in global markets. Their complete set of strategic management solutions enables its clients to identify opportunities and actions for strong and consistent growth. They offer a comprehensive set of management tools in the areas of strategic growth consulting, strategic relations, market research, and communications. TGSV serves their global clients from headquarters in New York City and offices in Russia, Great Britain, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Advisory Board


Vitaly Pruss

Founder TGSV

Mr. Pruss is responsible for steering and overseeing fund-raising efforts and managing day to day investment relations of TriGlobal Strategic Ventures. As Founder and Managing partner of a venture capital & advisory firm, TGSV, Vitaly collaborates with all types of private and publicly traded companies to ensure substantial returns and increased transparency between shareholders and management.

An effective investor relations liaison, Mr. Pruss has worked with client both large and small over the course of his many years in the industry. For the last decade, he has focused on international image development and financial strategy for international business leaders to improve their market potential and investment opportunities.

Mr. Pruss has successfully created and developed strategies for companies such as TransNeft, MMK, RosBusinessConsulting, SCM, InterRos, AFK Sistema and KAZ Energy among many others.

Mr.  Pruss was managing international private equity investments as well as real estate transactions. In addition to the above, he is currently active as advisor to Forbes & Manhattan, a leading private merchant bank with a global focus on the resource based sectors.

Dr. rer. nat. Theo Gaupp

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Gaupp has extensive knowledge in chemistry and in R&D for more than 25 years.

He began his professional career with an apprenticeship as an electronics technician. After that he decided to study chemistry. Mr. Gaupp successfully completed his extra-occupational studies as a chemical engineer at a University of Applied Science. At the same time, he worked in the field of analytical chemistry. And worked then for many years as a chemical engineer in R&D before earning his doctorate in chemistry. In his field, Mr. Gaupp stood out with his thirst for knowledge and his analytical approach. Based on this, he has already been able to solve a wide variety of chemical-technical problems. Consequently, he is mentioned as the inventor of many patents.

In addition to his work as a chemist, Theo Gaupp has a wide range of interests. He has been a beekeeper for more than 30 years. His honey products are very popular. Also, he has made a name for himself as a syrup producer, making his own syrups in a wide variety of natural flavors.

Theo Gaupp has been on friendly terms with SES and its successor company SRC for many years. As a member of the advisory board, he advises SRC on analytical issues. His experience in project management, his extremely precise way of working and his analytical approach help to develop and implement complex strategies for our customers.


Dr. iur. Juerg Niederbacher

Strategic Positioning

Dr. Niederbacher, is an independent business consultant and had previously worked for the cantonal economic development department in Zurich, set up the Greater Zurich Area AG and was its responsible director.

This was preceded by positions at the Sulzer technology group, where he was head of "Public Affairs" and the interface between politics and economy. He held various management positions, among them with the Credit Suisse Group, where he was Head of "Euro Services". In this function he advised small and medium-sized companies from Switzerland on investments in the European Union.

Juerg Niederbacher holds a doctorate in law.
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