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Beyond connections

Corporate Diplomacy worldwide
SRC Strategic Relations Counselling is a fine and distinguished advisory firm specialized in corporate diplomacy.

As an expert in corporate diplomacy, SRC acts on behalf of companies, governments, governmental agencies, and NGOs.

SRC is a consulting company with extensive know-how. We build strategic relationships with external key stakeholders, position our clients' interests, and negotiate at the highest decision-making levels.

We work for our clients, but above all with them.Together we implement strategies and build long-term and fruitful alliances. We believe in partnership. For us, discretion is a matter of course.

Empowering positions

For you we strengthen your position and expand your sphere of influence.
Fostering relations

We build and expand strategic relationships. At the highest decision levels.
Facilitating access

We organize your meetings with the decision-makers in politics and business for companies, governments and organizations. Worldwide.

Know-how and know-who

Strategic relations worldwide

Relations with governments, authorities and other strategically important institutions often determine the success of a project. We support you in establishing and expanding long-term relationships with strategically important external stakeholders.
Overcome challenging situations

Cooperations that have fallen out of balance not only lead to upsets for all parties involved, but often to impairments or even to the forced termination of activities. We develop and implement strategies that lead to calming down the situation.
Highest decision levels

Strategic alliances don't just happen and not all connections lead to success. We find the right external stakeholder for you, build strategically important alliances, represent interests and conduct negotiations. At the highest decision-making levels, always with absolute discretion. Worldwide.

This is SRC


SRC was founded by its CEO Jean-Luc Meier. Before that he was co-founder of SES - Strategic Expansion Solutions, which was considered a pioneer of corporate diplomacy. (More...)
Jean-Luc Meier

For more than twenty years now, he has positioned himself as an expert in corporate diplomacy. In this role, he advised ministers and other government officials, CEOs of multinationals, financial experts, analysts and top fund managers on international relations and strategic alliances with external stakeholders. (More...)

Alliance Partners

SRC has exlusive strategic alliances with proven experts.
Nancy Prager-Kamel

Nancy Prager-Kamel was the co-founder of SES and works with Jean-Luc Meier for over 20 years. She was Corporate Ambassador for the US Department of State and US National Commissioner for UNESCO and is Chairwoman for the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents USA. (More...)
TGSV TriGlobal Strategic Ventures

TGSV has been our exclusive, strategic alliance partner for over twenty years. Governments and international organizations have mandated us. (More...)

Advisory Board


In addition to its team, SRC has an active and constantly growing board of advisors. Vitaly Pruss, Dr. rer. nat. Theo Gaupp, and Dr. iur. Juerg Niederbacher joined SRC. (More...)

Vitaly Pruss

Vitaly and Jean-Luc have been partners and friends for over twenty years. Their companies TGSV and SRC are close, strategic alliance-partners. (More...)

Dr. rer. nat. Theo Gaupp

Theo Gaupp has been on friendly terms with SES and its successor company SRC for many years. As a member of the advisory board, he advises SRC on analytical issues. (More...)

Dr. iur. Juerg Niederbacher

Dr. Niederbacher, is an independent business consultant and had previously worked for the cantonal economic development department in Zurich, set up the Greater Zurich Area AG and was its responsible director. Juerg Niederbacher and SRC have cooperated on many international projects. (More...)
SRC is a boutique consulting firm providing personal and discrete support for our clients. Our strength is our personal network, which gives us, and thus our clients, access to the highest decision-making levels and the centers of power worldwide.

We arrange meetings at the highest decision-making levels and the centers of power worldwide.

If immediate action is required, we also make personal meetings at the highest level possible at short notice.
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