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Unlocking Doors, Shaping Futures

SRC - Mastering Corporate Diplomacy
Unlocking the Power of Diplomacy:
Discover SRC Strategic Relations Counselling and Our Approach to Building Lasting Relationships Worldwide.

At SRC Strategic Relations Counselling, we believe that diplomacy is essential for building sustainable relationships and achieving success in today's global business environment. With our expertise in corporate diplomacy, we help clients across industries navigate complex challenges, build relationships with stakeholders, and achieve their objectives. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the unique needs and goals of each client, and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive real results. As a trusted advisor with access to the highest decision levels in the most important parts of the world, SRC Strategic Relations Counselling is well-positioned to help clients navigate the complexities of the global business environment and build relationships that last. We are passionate about creating a better future for businesses and communities worldwide, and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your goals.

Empowering positions

SRC empowers its clients by providing strategic insights, access to key decision-makers, and effective engagement strategies, strengthening their position in the realm of corporate diplomacy.
Fostering relations

SRC leverages its diplomatic expertise, extensive network, and unique access to foster positive relationships with external stakeholders on behalf of its clients, facilitating mutually beneficial outcomes.
Facilitating access

SRC's unparalleled access to the highest levels in politics and business enables us to open doors and foster critical access for our clients, helping them navigate complex environments with confidence.

Know-how and know-who

Strategic relations worldwide

At SRC, we recognize that strong relationships with governments, authorities, and other strategically important institutions are crucial to the success of any project. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing professional support in establishing and expanding long-term relationships with these external stakeholders. With our diplomatic expertise and strategic insights, we empower our clients to navigate complex political landscapes, build trust, and foster positive relationships that can contribute to the success of their projects.
Navigating challenging situations

At SRC, we specialize in resolving imbalanced cooperations through strategic solutions. Our expertise in corporate diplomacy allows us to identify underlying issues, devise effective strategies, and implement measures to restore balance, resolve conflicts, and achieve positive outcomes for our clients while maintaining fruitful relationships.
Accessing the highest decision levels

At SRC, we understand that strategic alliances require careful planning and execution to achieve success. That's why we leverage our expertise in identifying the right external stakeholders, building crucial alliances, representing our clients' interests, and conducting negotiations with absolute discretion. Our approach is designed to operate at the highest decision-making levels worldwide, ensuring that our clients can achieve their objectives while safeguarding their confidentiality and privacy.

This is SRC


Your trusted partner in corporate diplomacy, empowering your business with strategic insights and access to high-level decision-makers. (More...)
Jean-Luc Meier

Jean-Luc Meier is a highly regarded expert in corporate diplomacy with over twenty years of experience in advising top government officials, CEOs of multinationals, financial experts, analysts, and fund managers on international relations and strategic alliances. He has successfully represented the interests of governments, organizations, and companies, negotiating bilateral and multilateral cooperations for his clients. (More...)

Alliance Partners

SRC boasts exclusive strategic alliances with established experts, offering our clients unparalleled access to invaluable insights and expertise in the field of corporate diplomacy and international affairs.
Nancy Prager-Kamel

Nancy Prager-Kamel serves as the exclusive strategic alliance partner and was co-founder of SES Strategic Expansion Solutions, having cooperated with Jean-Luc Meier for more than twenty years. She has served as a Corporate Ambassador for the US Department of State and as the US National Commissioner for UNESCO. Additionally, she holds the esteemed position of Chairwoman for the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents USA, showcasing her extensive expertise in the field of corporate diplomacy. (More...)
TGSV TriGlobal Strategic Ventures

TGSV has been a longstanding and trusted exclusive strategic alliance partner for our organization for more than two decades. Together, we have been mandated by governments and international organizations, recognizing our invaluable contribution and expertise through our collaboration. (More...)

Advisory Board


In addition to its highly skilled team, SRC boasts a dynamic and ever-expanding board of advisors. We are delighted to welcome esteemed professionals such as Vitaly Pruss, Dr. rer. nat. Theo Gaupp, and Dr. iur. Juerg Niederbacher to join SRC, further enhancing our collective expertise and strategic guidance. (More...)

Vitaly Pruss

Vitaly and Jean-Luc have forged a strong partnership and friendship that spans over two decades. As the leaders of their respective companies, TGSV and SRC, their organizations have developed a close and strategic alliance, collaborating closely to achieve mutual goals and leverage their complementary strengths. (More...)

Dr. rer. nat. Theo Gaupp

Theo Gaupp has maintained a longstanding positive relationship with SRC over the years. As a valued member of the advisory board, Mr. Gaupp provides invaluable expertise and guidance to SRC on analytical matters, leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge in the field. (More...)

Dr. iur. Juerg Niederbacher

Juerg Niederbacher, an esteemed independent business consultant, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Previously serving with the cantonal economic development department in Zurich and having successfully established the Greater Zurich Area AG as its responsible director, Mr. Niederbacher is highly regarded in his field. (More...)
SRC is a distinguished boutique consulting firm that prides itself on delivering personalized and discreet support to our esteemed clients. In addition to our expertise in corporate diplomacy, our unique strength also lies in our extensive personal network, which grants us and our clients unparalleled access to the highest decision-making levels and centers of power across the globe.

We excel in arranging meetings at the most influential decision-making levels and centers of power worldwide, ensuring our clients have the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders and decision-makers in their respective fields.

Moreover, we understand the importance of prompt action when urgent matters arise and are equipped to facilitate personal meetings at the highest level possible even at short notice, exemplifying our commitment to responsiveness and effectiveness in meeting our clients' needs.
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